Code of Ethics

This is a pledge taken by every IADA member to ensure complete objectivity, fairness, and integrity. Each IADA member shall:

  • Conduct himself or herself personally and professionally as an automotive property damage appraiser in such a manner as to inspire public confidence by fair and honorable dealings;
  •  Approach the appraisal of damaged motor vehicles or other property without prejudice against or favoritism toward any party involved for the purpose of making fair and impartial appraisals;
  •  Disregard any efforts on the part of owners, repairers, insurance personnel, third party administrators, attorneys, or others to influence his or her appraisals in any way in the interest of parties involved;
  •  As a general practice, prepare an independent appraisal of damage;
  •  Uphold the integrity of the Association, and be in every way consistent with honest policy to enhance its position with the public, the insurance industry, and the automotive repair business;
  •  Employ only the most competent assistance available in carrying on the independent automotive damage appraisal profession; and
  •  At all times maintain a fiduciary relationship with clients.